The more you know!

Replacing iphone 6 screen.

Safety and clean leads 2 a good machine!

Keep your Machine clean:

Found this article on W.I.R.E. It is just a few little things you can do to keep your computer running in tip-top-shape. This is mainly for the basic user who may not have the money to upgrade or may not be able to afford a computer repair tech. Or you just may be independent and want to learn and do it yourself! All good!  Here are some steps to take when you notice any slowness or glitches. You can do a little troubleshooting on your own before calling for back up. Click on picture.



Spam off:

I have a lot of clients who ask questions about spam and how does someone get spammed. I have placed a link/PowerPoint below to give you guys a little more incite to how to better prepare yourself. I hope by viewing this information it will give you a better understanding on how spamming works and how to better avoid being a victum.


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